Scuba Diving in Sicily with Gunnar

Who I am..

My name is Gunnar Steinke. I'm German and I began my career as a professional Scuba Diving Instructor in Spain in 1975. Lot's of things have changed since then, but not my safety record: after training thousands of certified students and participating in more than 10.000 dives, I have been involved in no diving accidents whatsoever. And I still enjoy my job, and would like someday to show you our wonderful underwater-world in Sicily.

  • Scuba Diving Sicily

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What I Did..

  • 1975 - Became a Scuba Instructor in Spain at the Costa Brava and worked for three years there
  • 1978 - Went to Sicily and opened my own Scuba Center in Terrasini
  • 2013 - Back to Germany for reorganizing personal things in Germany

What I Do..

  • private scuba excursions all arround Sicily
  • private scuba lessons
  • private certification courses
  • guided private land excursions in Sicily

What I Offer..

    Knowledge of languages:
  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Knowledge of every corner under water and above in Sicily
  • Organizing and guiding private excursions on the land and/or under water for you in Sicily. In part or even complete with hotel and flights booking as well as car renting in Sicily.

Advice: Start to reserve your desired point and dates of interest right now by sending me e-mail at: to discuss the details.